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The Child Nutrition Services (CNS) Program of the Christina School District   is committed to providing well-balanced meals that contribute to the health and   well-being of our students. We believe nutrition influences a student's   development, lifelong health status, and potential for learning.
The CNS Program is managed in accordance with The National School  Lunch  Act, policies established by the Christina School District Board  of Education, the Department of Health, and the Delaware Department of  Education.  Part of the  program is the approval of meal benefit  forms for free and reduced priced school meals.  Parents of  eligible students are reminded that a new meal benefit form  must be  completed each school year within the first 30 days of school or your   child's continued benefits will be lost. Eligible parents need to fill  out only  one form per household.  Guardians must however,  complete one form per student  for each foster child living in the  household.