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Anyone who remembers the library card catalog will be amazed at the 21st century version that now exists in The Bancroft School and throughout the Christina School District. The Bancroft library is a totally web-based system that students and parents can access from any computer. Students, working through their librarian, can request a book from any library in the Christina School District and have it delivered to their school.
The new program, called Destiny, is now operational. It allows users to power search by topics or by words within titles as well as by the more traditional means of titles and authors. Students can assemble book lists of their own as they work on projects, and Destiny will even help them format their entries for their Works Cited lists for research papers.
This powerful program is updated every night, making information extremely recent. One warning: circulation is blocked if a user has an overdue book!
  1. Click here to access the District Library Catalog -  (Please note:  This site is best viewed using Internet Explorer)
  2. Select "The Bancroft School"
  3. Select the "Catalog" Tab to browse